The music industry is not always as we think, there are some things you can do to enhance your music career. Below are the 7 tips on how to be successful in the music industry.


1. Know What U Are Capable Of

Knowing what u are capable of is the first step you take towards the music industry if you don’t know what you are capable of then while the struggle for the passion of music.

The music journey requires a lot of dedication and sacrifice you have to be ready for the call before answering it. Music call is a call that requires a lot of powers and strength you don’t just pink the call while u are not prepared for it.

know what you are capable of and always stick to your calling don’t chase music because your, nigga/brother or friend is into it.

Go for music if you have the passion for it hustle for it if u are chosen for it.

2. Know Your Music Category

Knowing your category in the music industry will take u far. Some artists are into highlife music and also in reggae music some are even in three music categories, but not knowing what they are up against.

You can’t be called for many music categories at once or even twice know u are only called for one category only,
cause every music category has it’s own calling God. Don’t go for many categories of music because u feel like you can do it, stick to the one u are Good at, and always apply the practice.

3. Know the music genre you are Good At

Every artist surely has this music genre that they are Good at. We have many types of music genres; “Rap – Sing, Afro – Trap and The blues”.

We have rappers singers and afro stars and trap stars.

Knowing your music genre that you are very best at is the starting of your breakthrough In the music industry.

Some singers cant rap cause they are only called for Singing, while some singers can rap cause they no way around it.

Everything is possible in the music industry if you believe in your self, you can be a singer and also be a rapper if u work for it all you need are dedication and steady practice always listen to the two music genre you want in your music career.

For inspiration and understanding practice and dedicate your time and attention to the genre u want.

4. Always Be Determined

Determination will always take you to your destination. Being determined is all you want to be successful in your music carrier.

So many called musicians but few are popular while some are in the street drilling in Sage.

Be determined to pick the call if u are called don’t wait for anyone to pick it for you, you are the one that is being called so u make the move first before every other thing follows.

5. Focus On What you are Going For

When you are on your way to success, you don’t stop you keep going no matter what the obstacle might be, always fight to overcome it cause journey of success is not an easy journey so u have to give all you have,

Just to be where u are meant to be always be focused for you to achieve your goals.

6. Know your right and left in the music industry

No one enters into an organization without knowing the rules and regulations of the organization.
in the music industry, u need to know your right and left for you not to be a victim of the music crisis.
The music industry is not a child’s play is a place for the great minded Once,
Not a Childs play obeys the rules and regulation of the game and u will surely become of the game masters.

7. Always respect and appreciate those down you and those upper you most of all be grateful to your fans

Keep a good connection with your fans cause your fans are the ones that will make you what u will become tomorrow in the music industry.

Without the support of your fans, you can not make it in the music industry, so u need to have a good connection with your fans cause they are your pillars in your music carrier.

Respect and appreciate those down you and those upper you most of all be grateful to your fans.