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Abbey Elias, known professionally as SkiiBii and affectionately known as Swaggerlee of Africa, is a Nigerian singer and performer.

He began his musical career as a rapper in high school. He transitioned from rap to secular music after studying the rising influence of Afrobeat sounds.

Skiibii began as a nickname given to him by a loving uncle when he was a little boy.

His mother became aware of it, and he began to make use of it. “Skiibii” indicated “a brilliant and sharp guy,” according to the uncle, and “mayana” is a Spanish term that means “tomorrow” or “future.”

When it came time to tell his parents about his job choice, Skiibii faced a variety of obstacles.

His father was adamant about his son not getting into music or participating in any music-related activities. But he persisted and persuaded him.

Skiibii was signed to Five Star Music on December 24, 2014, with a spectacular signing event that included a brand new 2014 Hyundai SUV for the previously unknown act.

Skiibii has departed five-star music following three years with the E-money-led company. He is leaving to start his own record company, ‘More Grace Music World,’ according to sources. Check out Skiibii’s Songs, Videos and Albums below!

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