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Ayra Star is unapologetic of her talent in debut album

Oyinkansola Sarah Aderibigbe was born on June 14, 2002, in Cotonou, Bénin, and grew up in Cotonou and Lagos, Nigeria. She received her education in Cotonou and Lagos.

She was born to Nigerian parents from the state of Kwara, and she only has one sibling, Dami Aderibigbe, who is also a musician.

Because of her father’s company, her family relocated frequently during her high school years, and as a result, she had a difficult time developing strong relationships with her peers.

After being reared in a musically inclined family, she attributes her passion for singing primarily to her parents. She began creating songs with her brother when she was ten years old and performed in a high school chorus at the time.

She studied international relations and political science at Les Cours Sonu University, where she graduated with a BA in international relations and political science. In college, she was frequently ridiculed by her peers because of her age and physical looks, and this continued throughout her career.

Ayra Starr resorted to music to help her cope with the sensations she was experiencing as a result of the taunting. In the mornings on my walk to school, I’d listen to Nicki Minaj’s music and pretend I was the second Nicki Minaj.

Throughout her life, Ayra Starr’s mother has been extremely supportive of her musical goals, and she has always pushed her to pursue a career as a singer.

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