The body of a 21-year-old lady by the name of Bamise who boarded a BRT bus a few days ago was found dead with some body parts missing.


It was gathered that the victim worked as a Fashion Designer at Chevron Estate, Ajah spent her weekends in Ota, Ogun State, with her sister.

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Sensing danger as the bus did not pick any other passenger at subsequent bus stops, Oluwabamise had engaged a friend using voice notes on her phone.

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The voice notes showed that the bus driver said he liked Oluwabamise and asked for her name and other details.

She told her friend to pray for her as she became suspicious of the bus driver and in response, the friend told her to alight at Oworonsoki bus stop — before Oshodi bus stop.


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Oluwabamise had also sent a video to her friend showing how dark it was on the bus and revealed that she was in danger by saying…

“There are three men and one woman in the bus. The woman is sitting at the back. That’s the number of the bus in case. Please pray for me.’’


Social media users have to mourn Bamise, as her young dead body was found dead after she reportedly boarded a BRT in Lagos.