Peace has been named the season’s first Head of House for Big Brother Naija Shine Ya Eye.

She was named HOH after winning the Head of House games on Monday night.

With her new position, she is no longer subject to eviction, is allowed to remain in the Head of House room, and is able to select a deputy to assist her in her duties.

Peace appointed Yousef as her deputy following her election as head of the House.

This season, the Head of House games, which were formerly played for 90 seconds, was lowered to 70 seconds.

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Each roommate was allowed 70 seconds to complete the course of the board game, which required them to toss a die and begin the game when the dice revealed the number 6.

The goal of this game of chance is to get as far as possible within the time limit.

The housemate who completes the course or travels the greatest distance wins and becomes Head of House.

Yerins was the first housemate to begin the Head of House game, however she did not last long.

Peace, on the other hand, was able to go the furthest, gaining the title of Big Brother Naija Shine Ya Eye’s first Head of House.