Former Nigerian singer and songwriter known as Cynthia Morgan also known as Madrina has edited her reviews towards Burna Boy’s song titled ‘Balon D’Or’ featured by Wizkid.


Recall that Cynthia Morgan was dragged for giving a negative view on Burna Boy’s song titled Balon d’Or featured by Wizkid.

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According to the negative reactions she gushed towards the song, Cynthia condemned the song and gushed that they made the music in a hurry by saying…

“Burna boy is losing it with his music arrangement. Wizkid was ok but the last bars was weak #b’dor To me I feel like they made the record in a hurry so I will give it a 5/10. That intro was unnecessary and the hook or chorus bars aren’t complete. Please I need ginger part 2. As I no want do music again at least make una they inspire me.”

However, Morgan has made a U-turn apropos her review towards Burna Boy’s song titled Balon d’Or.

She revealed this while blasting a Tweep that criticized her former music colleague, Burna Boy.

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Madrina adored Burna Boy and assured fans that Burna Boy will remain her favorite artist till the day she’ll start voicing again.

Cynthia also confessed that she lost her contract with ex-boss, Jude Okoye because she chose Burna Boy by saying…

“To me Burna Boy was the highest artist in Africa when I picked him for simatinya video and I remembered almost losing my record deal with Jude Okoye’s label for standing my ground that it was only burna boy I wanted and no one else.

I know alot you love living in lies either due to tribalism or personal hatred but please I never want to see my name in any sentance that has to do with a Burna Boy slander. He is the best and the biggest artist in Africa till i pick the mic again”

See her post below…

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