Henry Obiefule, A.K.A. Henry Obiefule, is a Nigerian comedian, MC, and host. As he describes himself on his Instagram page, he is a Chief Obi, a Professional Mad Man.


Henry Obiefule was born in Nigeria and currently resides in Baltimore, Maryland.

He calls himself “Chief Obi” on social networking sites and is clearly a patriotic Nigerian.

The majority of his videos have three main characters: a white American, a black American, and an African.


He compares stereotypes about each of these three groups with one another. We might presume that the African persona Obiefule portrays is Nigerian because he is Nigerian.

Because he lives in Baltimore, we can conclude that he based his other two characters on white and black Baltimore residents.

Chief Obi is characterized as an Instagram comedian/ celebrity who will take over the Nigerian comedy industry with his humor and ability to make people laugh effortlessly.

We know it’s only a matter of time before he gets his big break because he’s already a fan favorite.

Chief obi is a Nigerian-born online personality who, as his name suggests, has a lot of amusing skits depicting Igbo culture. On Instagram, he currently has over 250k followers. He’s also done headline gigs with Nigerian comedians. His red cap is his signature. Check out Chief Obi Comedy’s Videos and Albums below!