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A Life Story of Chuu Singer

South Koreans will recognize Kim Ji-woo as Chuu (Korean: born October 20, 1999). Kim Ji-woo is how he was given his name at birth (Korean: ). She was a member of the Loona female group and its spinoff, sexy.


In total, she has 384k Instagram followers.


In 2020, Chuu earned $550 in money. This is only a rough estimate, and the true cost might be anything from $480 to $630.

The LOONA Agency Has Made Public The Departure Of Chuu From The Band.

BlockBerryCreative has just announced Chuu’s departure from LOONA. This group released the following statement on November 25:

Hello. In this case, BlockBerryCreative is responsible for the content.

We have decided to state to our fans that our agency artist Chuu will be expelled from LOONA, and her membership will be canceled as of November 25, 2022.

Numerous rumors have circulated over the past year concerning LOONA’s Chuu. Still, the group’s management team and the members have remained silent not to jeopardize the group’s success or worry their fans.

Rather than engaging in a public argument regarding the veracity of a claim, the members of LOONA have instead sought to convey the depth of their feelings through their performances and work, showing how much they care about the band and the people who support them.

Despite this, the truth was uncovered by an investigation undertaken after we were recently made aware of Chuu’s abusive behavior and misuse of authority toward our employees. We have decided to take responsibility for this circumstance by removing Chuu from LOONA, and the agency has sent representatives to apologize to the staff and offer comfort.

First and foremost, we want to express our deepest sympathies to the members of the staff who have been seriously hurt due to this terrible incident. We pledge to do everything we can to help them get better, focus on their treatment, and return to their regular lives as soon as possible.

We want to express our deepest regret to everyone who loved and supported LOONA up until now that we could not keep all 12 members together until the very end. In addition, we humbly beg your pardon.

Whatever happens, the agency and LOONA will return to their respective origins and work tirelessly to eliminate the possibility of a repeat performance. The members of LOONA did not want labor only for their advantage, and they did not engage in any actions that could have been detrimental to the team since they are grateful for the support they have received from their fans. They’ll win in the end, which will show how much they appreciate the support they’ve gotten from the LOONA community.

LOONA members and the agency will express gratitude and respect to everyone who helps us do our jobs. Thanks to the hard effort and sacrifice of the staff, the company is doing everything possible to prevent a repeat of this tragedy. Because of the inconvenience this event has caused, we would like to apologize to all affected employees and spectators.

There were speculations in June that Chuu had signed with another agency, but BlockBerryCreative quickly shot those down. In October, BlockBerryCreative addressed allegations that Chuu had left the company to form her advertising agency, saying, “The rumors about her transfer are groundless.”


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