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Deejay J Masta is a well-known Nigerian musician who has collaborated with other well-known musicians in the country, including Phyno.

J Masta Okorie was born and raised in Nigeria, where he spent his youth, adolescence, and adulthood, and where he continues to work and earn a living. He is currently in his early thirties and works in Nigeria’s music industry.

Masta is a graduate of Nigeria’s State University, where he earned his bachelor’s degree in 2012. His earlier academic background, as well as his university major, remain unknown.

Following graduation, he worked as a disc jockey in the music industry, collaborating with a number of musicians in Nigeria’s burgeoning musical industry to release well-crafted tracks that would entice fans.

During his career in the Nigerian music business, he has progressed from working with up-and-coming artists to working with well-known and regionally renowned performers.

His professional portfolio continues to expand, with more than twenty successful projects under his belt. Location, Aru, Lighter, Magic, Ani, and Chikito are only a few of his works. Check out Deejay J Masta’s Songs, Videos and Albums below!

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