Off American hip-hop superstar, Future new album “I Never Liked You”, We introduce “Wait For U” starring our very own Tems and Canadian rapper, Drake.

Future collaborates with “Fountains” crooners Drake and Tems for the emotional track “Wait For U,” which explores their rough private relationships and drug addiction.

Future’s new album, “I Never Liked You”, is his first since Lil Uzi Vert’s Pluto x Baby Pluto and his first since 2020’s High Off Life. Future has been a poster boy for the kind of toxic romantic engagements that transform well-intentioned social media users into self-certified relationship specialists since roughly the time of his separation with one-time fiancée Ciara.

When confronted with accusations of vindictiveness and betrayal, his response is to release an album either “Vindictive Lover” or “Betrayed Lover,” neither of which accurately portrays his life choices. The only victim here is Future. In the case of “I Never Liked You,” he has proven to be a marketing prodigy.

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