Ever had trouble getting a girl to talk to you, or just wanted some advice on how to start up a chat? These steps might help out. We do not make any sexist assumptions about genders here; this is just for all of the guys who want some tips or want to see what girls think.

You don’t have to act weird. This isn’t high school, so don’t try and hit on her; she’s probably not interested by any means. Try and figure out what your approach is going to be beforehand! If you don’t get this right, the chances are that she is not going to listen to you. So in this article, we will share the best tips on how to approach a girl.

Step 1: Have a Conversation Starter

You can never start a conversation if you don’t know what to say. The best way to do this is by asking an open-ended question. (No one likes being asked, “How’s your day going?” Unless the person you’re talking to is your mom or something.) Open-ended questions are ones that can’t be answered with a simple yes or no and require more explanation than just a few words. Questions like “What’s your favorite movie?” or “What are you up to today?” are perfect examples of open-ended questions because they require more than just a yes or no response.

Step 2: Ask a Small Question to Get Her Talking

Once again, open-ended questions are a good way to start up a convo with a girl (get her talking). Questions that start off with, “What movies have you seen recently?” or “What do you like to eat?” are great starting points for conversation. Change it up every time, though! Don’t ask the same question all the time.

Step 3: Introduce Yourself

After you’ve started the conversation with her, just make sure that you follow up your questions with a name and some real information about yourself. (These details should be related to what you asked in the opener.) When you know more about them, they’ll be forced to know more about you! For example, if she’s been talking about a new movie she saw, ask them if they liked it or not. If they say yes, then ask them why they liked it and what made them like it more than other movies they’ve seen recently. This will get your girl talking and keep her interested in the conversation.

Step 4: Don’t Get Too Personal Right Away

Once the two of you have exchanged names and some small details about yourselves, don’t ask her out right away. If you are in a coffee shop or something like that, then it would probably be okay to ask her if she wants to hang out sometime. If not, then just ask her what she is doing for lunch. It’s okay to get personal after a few minutes, though; don’t act as if you’ve never met each other before! Your girl will know that you’re trying too hard (usually) if you’re keeping things way too professional. (Unless it’s a job interview or something. Don’t make a move on your interviewer!)

Step 5: Give Her Time to Respond

If she doesn’t respond right away, then keep talking! Don’t just stand there in awkward silence; that’s not the way to start off a conversation. If you’re trying to get her attention, then simply walk up and start talking. (Don’t just stand there awkwardly, though!) Also, don’t keep asking the same question over and over again if she doesn’t respond. If she wants to talk with you, then she will talk with you! Let it happen naturally.


By following these steps, you should be able to start a conversation with a girl without having too much trouble. Just remember, she is probably not interested in you unless she started the conversation herself. If she doesn’t say anything after you’ve asked her out or gotten personal, then she probably doesn’t like you or just isn’t interested in what you have to say.