Naira Marley, a musician, has remarked that anyone who is still sleeping on a Monday morning is already wealthy.


This was revealed in a Snapchat clip on Monday by the 30-year-old Afro-pop musician, known for his controversial stance on sex, s3x, and marijuana.

In his 6:49 a.m. message, he claimed that only the wealthy would still be asleep at that hour.

For those of you who are still sleeping at this very moment, you don’t need anyone else.” “You must already be quite wealthy.”

His message has elicited a variety of responses from social media users. They disagree with the “Coming” singer, however, as many have stated that successful people ensure they get enough sleep.

Some indicated they would have to stay in bed till that time due to the lack of career prospects in their community.

Marlian’s boss was also questioned by others, who noted that some individuals go to sleep at that hour for various reasons.

It was napo.bonapate’s observation that “people in certain villages in Nigeria still sleep o.” Only in the Philippines is life difficult.”

“Successful people get enough sleep and work diligently,” notstraight.uyo wrote. Why can’t I fall asleep?