KDDO, a Nigerian music producer and Afrobeats mastermind, has released his first extended play album, “Too Late Too Lit.” Pentlife Music and Sony Music Entertainment West Africa published the EP.


The EP was made to be a happy-go-lucky collection of songs for the fans. According to KDDO, it was during the height of the epidemic, when he was locked in and unable to move for many weeks, that he understood the importance of savoring every moment and making pleasant memories whenever possible.

“This is one of the primary reasons I put together this record. KDDO adds, “I want people to be able to have beautiful experiences with their friends and family by listening to my music.” “I want my music to be a part of people’s daily lives. To bring back memories of a time in their lives that they will never forget. I really want everyone to have fun and enjoy themselves

KDDO Too Late Too Lit EP (Album) Tracklist: