Kaduna-based Nigerian musician Lady Donli is Zainab Donli, better known as Lady Donli. There are elements of hip-hop, jazz, and RnB in her music that might be classified as neo-soul.


Among her siblings are five boys and two girls. As a child, Donli grew up in Abuja, Nigeria, where she was surrounded by family members who worked in the recording studio. As a result of her early exposure to the music industry, Donli has a professional and laid-back character, which is evident in her songs.

‘Wallflower,’ a project she launched in 2016, was her big break. Even though Donli was balancing school and family at the time she recorded “Wallflower,” she spent the majority of her time recording everything herself. Erykah Badu, ASA, Nneka, and Andre 3000 are among Donli’s most significant musical inspirations.

Alternate jazz, R&B, and Hip-Hop are some of the genres she covers in her songs.


Ice Cream and Kashe Ni were radio hits, and she dominated the summer of 2017 with her collaborations. There was also a mention of me on Complex’s upcoming show About to Blow.