May D, the Nigerian singer, has shared more light on how badly his relationship with Jude Okoye and P-Square ended.


May D had a few things to say about the music brothers amidst the Cynthia Morgan, Jude Okoye saga. May D.

disclosed he never had a bank account when he was still with them, or even did they pay him for anything he did for them.

The “Soundtrack” singer  May D, said he never asked them for anything, from songwriting to putting his vocals on their album “Invasion.

May D has, however, offered descriptions of his encounter with the Okoye brothers in a recent interview.

He ‘d never been greedy, he said, while he was with them.

He said it took him 1o years to end up telling his tale not because he was angry but because people wanted to learn the facts.

May D spoke about how his friendship with Jude had an effect on his reputation when he quit the label, as people started to speak about how he took money from them.

He added that the Hummer (car) they gave was for him to carry out errands, and two weeks later they, gathered the switch and collect the key from him.

The singer also said he didn’t open an account because it wasn’t about the money for him but about making it big.

When thinking about how he lived in the quarters of their boys, May D said he never protested about it and was pleased with what they gave him.

The artist claimed he rarely cried after receiving money for performances because they robbed him.

May D said he was deeply hurt about how things were going between them but he never wanted to tell them,

cause or all he wanted is to see himself succeed in his music carrier.

Watch the full interview below: