Men should ideally be married by the age of 24 Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo stirs up strong reactions among Nigerian

Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo, a prominent Nigerian clergyman, has sparked controversy with his recent statement.

During a recent event, the renowned relationship counselor and coach offered his perspective on why he believes men should ideally marry by the age of 24.

He highlighted that in more developed nations, young adults often leave their parental homes by the age of 18 and assume responsibilities early in life. He referred to the numerous young individuals in Silicon Valley who have become billionaires and are actively engaged in revolutionary innovations.

Comparatively, he noted that in Nigeria, there are instances of 28-year-old men still residing with their fathers and handling basic tasks for the family.

“I find it puzzling why a man would surpass the age of 23 or 24 without entering marriage. Animals of your equivalent age have already become grandparents, and peers in developed countries at 18 have moved out, gaining swift exposure to responsibilities.

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However, in Nigeria, it’s not uncommon to find someone at 28 still dependent on their mother. They are still being cared for and guided.”

Predictably, this assertion ignited a storm of reactions online.

Many individuals who were deeply angered by his comments took to social media to voice their criticisms.

One individual named Elohim Elsha commented, “This individual consistently condescends to others with his hefty figure. It’s possible he’s unfaithful to his spouse.”

Another individual named Julezobi expressed, “This man might sustain his household and extended family with mere imagination. He could settle bills with air and water. How could he guide his children while consuming such sermons?”

Tobiloba Amusa added, “For those of you who are attacking him, it’s evident that the nation’s circumstances have constrained your thinking. In developed countries, at 24, you are typically employed and living in your own place. Your mental maturity is advanced. There’s no harm if a 24-year-old man decides to marry, unless he hasn’t truly met his life partner. Consider that 2Pac passed away at 24; envision the level of his wisdom during his lifetime.”

A user identified as Gtb criticized, “This is how these pastors misinform and misguide the youth. They should concentrate on preaching about love and the gospel.”

I Am Popular Mike stated, “I’ve never encountered this man preaching about fundamental aspects of faith such as Christ, eternity, and holiness. His focus always revolves around marriage, relationships, and sex. It’s important not to pressure individuals into rushing into commitments they are unprepared for.”

Incredible MC added, “I do concur with the notion of leaving one’s parents at an early age. It aids in fostering responsibility and stimulates creative thinking for success. As for marriage, it’s a matter of timing. When one is well-prepared, marriage will naturally follow suit.”

One Edim David wrote, “This is so WRONG! Stop putting unnecessary pressure on people. This is why people marry wrongly

One Mayor wrote, “Age doesn’t determine when someone should get married. It’s a personal choice and timeline. For this economy



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