Mz Kiss (Akindele Justina Omowunmi) is a Yoruba (Nigerian) rapper, singer, and songwriter from Ondo State, Nigeria. She was born in the year 1992 and is residing in Lagos.


Mz Kiss is a multi-talented and entertaining female musician from Okiti Pupa, Ondo State, Nigeria.

In the year 2010, Mz Kiss began her professional music career. She debuted with the song “YOU GO CRAZE,” which was followed by the freestyle “HOLLA AT ME.”

Mz Kiss, who was breaking into the Nigerian music scene, released and promoted both tunes independently.


The media praised Mz Kiss’s first two tunes, which were followed by the hit singles “FIGURE 8” and “SPATACUZ.”

Paul Gambit, a famous video filmmaker, created the Spartacus and Figure 8 videos.

Mz Kiss’s collaboration with Paul Gambit officially began with the release of the two song videos.

Paul Gambit recruited Mz Kiss to his record label, GAMBIT Music, since she was such a hot potential.

Despite the fact that she later parted ties with GAMBIT Music, Mz Kiss grew as an artist throughout her time there.

Mz Kiss gained the attention of Illbliss, a musician and top executive at CapitaL Hills/Goretti Company, after parting ties with Paul Gambit.

The two met during a radio interview on one of Lagos’s most popular stations. Check out Mz Kiss’s Songs, Videos and Albums below!