Rayce is a Nigerian musician who is one of the pioneers of the Afrobeats genre, which incorporates elements of hip-hop, electronic dance music, R&B, and African rhythms. Rayce (full name Rayce Amoni Kingsley) was born on November 8, 1983, in Lagos, Nigeria.


He was a huge Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie fan growing up, and watching their music videos on TV motivated him to try his hand at recording music himself.

Rayce had determined he wanted to be a musician when he was six years old, and he got his start as a performer when he secured a spot as a drummer in his church’s band.

He became interested in production and acquired studio technique firsthand while working in different recording studios in Lagos.


Under the alias Admire Beatz, Rayce began producing other artists, and in 2002, he began releasing work on his own while he refined his skills as a songwriter and vocalist.

Rayce signed a deal with Big Don Records in Nigeria in 2008 and released his debut album, Get Lifted. Rayce burst into the spotlight in 2011 with the release of the single “Roll,” which became a massive hit in Nigeria after years on the sidelines.

Rayce released his second album, D.C.M.R. (“Dey Call Me Rayce”), in 2015, after scoring numerous additional hit songs, including “Wetin Dey,” “Jack Sparrow,” and “21 Love.”

Rayce became the first Afrobeats musician to earn an American record deal in 2017, when the long-running independent label Shanachie Records released the collection African Juice, while his renown rose in his hometown. Check out Rayce’s Songs, Videos and Albums below!