If you are a lover of good music, you must know Ruger. He is a good musician and singer and has been performing to the best of his ability since he was young. He has decided to take music seriously and become an artist. He was born in Lagos, Nigeria and therefore he is a Nigerian.


Ruger’s parents are both from Kogi State and so he is a Kogi boy. Coming from a musical family, Ruger started singing at the tender age of eight, in the church choir. He was trained in music through the churches and at his school. Ruger has been a prodigy since a young age and he is no doubt one of the best Nigerian singers today, having recorded a song and made it viral in less than two weeks after releasing.

One of the major turning points in his life was when he met D’Prince the Naija Super Producer, who eventually signed him to their record label called JONZING WORLD. That single eye-opening moment changed the direction of his life, he started seeing things clearer and became more focused on his music career. He has been a star from then till date.

He started with music as a hobby however it now turned out to be his career. His interest in music started when he was in secondary school and he led the school choir. He was also a member of the junior drum major corp of his school, which is one of his achievements in life. 


Ruger is a versatile artist and he has proven that to us with his release of his two songs; Bounce, his first song and Dior which got millions of views in less than a week. His single Bounce was produced by super producer, D’Prince, and it was one of the top trending songs in Nigeria.

Ruger’s song Bounce was a popular song among celebrities across the country and it got several airplay on radio and television stations. The video of his song Bounce was also very popular, being shared on Social Media platforms.


Ruger has spent most of his life in Lagos and it was said that he attended primary and secondary school in Lagos while he is currently studying at one of the Universities in the country that has not been made known to the public at the point of creating this bio.

However, the upcoming star is obviously working towards his personal development, so as to actualize his dream of becoming one of the best Nigerian artists.

Music Career

Ruger started singing from a teenager, he was a member of a choir in his church and was very interested in music and wanted to pursue his passion for music. He was a member of the senior band during his secondary school days too and the opportunities served as a perfect platform for him to start showing off his talent. He is talented and has a dazzling career ahead of him.

He has been singing since then, and in a short span of time, he has become one of the best in the music industry and has won several awards in the music arena.

His success began when the JONZING WORLD boss, D’ Prince discovered his potential and decided to sign him into his record label in January 2021. It was the freestyles he posted on Instagram that caught the attention of the label boss and after listening to them, he decided to work with him.

Ruger’s first single was released in January, 2021 and the song was called “One Shirt” in collaboration with Rema. It was a melodious song that was loved by many and gained positive reviews from music lovers. The song was produced by D’Prince, who has been doing amazing things in the Nigerian Music industry.

He made it into the limelight with his song Bounce, which gained massive airplay and soon became a hit among the youth and even got the attention of celebrities who made several comments about the song on social media.

Ruger did not stop there, he went on to release another single titled “Dior,” Which became one of the top trending songs in Nigeria in less than a week and went viral among millions. His popularity has increased over the years and people have been loving all of his songs, and they cannot wait to hear more from him.


Ruger is currently 23 years old and he is a young star that is putting on music and showing the world how good he is. He has been performing with success and love, and his future looks bright as more people get to know who he is and when they do, they will turn into fans as well.

Ruger is a talented singer and he knows what he wants and that is why he is not hard to please. He is talented and people love his songs and wish to hear more from him. He has a great fan base that keep mentioning him often on social media and online platforms and they can’t wait for future collaborations with him in the music industry.


Ruger is dating a popular Nigerian actress who is his firm supporter and lover, her name is Laraba Pwajok), she is popularly known for her role as Blessing in ‘The Johnsons’ TV series. The couple has been in a relationship for some months now and they are doing fine. Ruger is not married presently, nor does he have kids as of now. He is a secretive man and we do not know much about him.

Net Worth

Ruger made his debut in the music industry with his song Bounce and Dior. The two songs were released on different platforms and brought him several deals, including the one with Eko hotels and that boosted his net worth to $400,000.

His career has gone a long way so far and he is sure to continue with his success in the future. He is earning well from his music career and it is a good start for him as he aims to reach even higher heights in the future.


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