Sinach is a prominent member of Christ Embassy’s LoveWorld music team and an award-winning songwriter, worship leader, and recording artist who began singing at an early age.


With her big gospel albums and singles, she is one of Nigeria’s most well-known singers today.

Osinachi Kalu, often known as Sinach, is a Nigerian from the state of Ebonyi.

She is the second daughter in a family of seven children. She went to the University of Port Harcourt in Rivers State to study physics. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome of Christ Embassy is her mentor.


It had all been a dream. My parents insisted that I develop my mind as the years passed. Then I encountered Jesus, who revolutionized my life and gave me a new reason to sing.

My character was shaped by the challenges I faced along the road. In the process of creating me, I’ve been pounded, poured on, torn apart, rolled over, thrown into the fire, and repeatedly sculpted into shape like clay.”

Her dream, according to her, was to be a musician. Her father was against her pursuing a musical career.

He informed her that as a musician, she would go hungry and that musicians are worthless.

Pastor Chris’s influence on her life began when she met him. With God’s word, he informed me, she could be anything she wanted to be in life.

In terms of gospel music, she is a spiritually gifted woman. Through her uplifting melodies, she has offered hope to the hopeless all across the world.

She is a multi-award-winning songwriter, recording artist, producer, and worship song leader who has received numerous accolades.

This brilliant vocalist is a major member of Christ Embassy’s Love World music team, and she began singing at an early age despite her father’s harsh criticism.

She understood that gospel music’s aim was not to make money, but to spread the gospel of Christ and lift the spirits of the despairing.

This brilliant star believes that in the coming years, her songs will reach a much larger audience and have an impact on the entire country as well as the world.

She also feels that by singing her songs, future generations will have holy music and lyrics to listen to, sing, and dance to, rather than negative music that adds nothing to their lives. Check out Sinach’s Songs, Videos and Albums below!