Millions of throng aspire to be recognized as a celebrity, mostly as a top music artiste. The muse to be called a recognized musician has so far attracted their focus on such. This has also registered many in this field.


Sometimes, we lack some knowledge that enlightens our perspective amidst choosing a career. Passion can be infatuated and that’s why many lads choose the wrong career. Having seen a lot more of fallen careers, we have gathered some trusted tips which would help infuse your perspective and knowledge reminding you of the need to know the career that actually suits your desire.

Check the tips below and know if you have the signs listed below. If yes, leave your Music career because you may end up in mockery.

Finds it hard to release at least 4 songs in a year calendar


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Do you find Music difficult? It’s clearly Known that to do a song is complicated and hard but as a dude engulfed with some music genuine calling, you would find it glaring and thrilling to release at least 4 great songs in a year calendar.

If you find it complicated to release enough songs yearly, it’s a great sign that shows music is likely not your calling.

Many stars involved in Music careers are not even happy with what they are doing but due to their love for fame, they force their passion which is likely impossible to suit in.

Verify yourself and check if you find some difficulties amidst releasing at least 4 songs in a year calendar, it’s a great sign.

Infatuated passion

Lead Backing Harmony and More

"I have a genuine passion for music"

Thousands of people have once made the above statement but the question is: the passion you feel, is that a genuine passion? Many had fallen a victim to this particular point which has so far made it complicated for them. Passion can be infatuated but the main source of wrong choices most people make is that they don’t know how to detect an infatuated passion.

How do I know if my passion is infatuated?

That’s just a great question that should lead your perspective. Infatuated passion never condones joy, rather you force yourself unto such because of your personal wants.

It may be because of the aspiration for fame or money. No one force passion and that’s why people who force it meets their mockery. Verify yourself and check if your passion is infatuated, it’s a great sign.

Whenever Music is discussed you feel bad

Make someone sad happy

It’s a clear sign that should be known by every being who strives for a music career. Even if you earn already from Music, once you don’t find joy in it whenever it’s being discussed, you are likely going to lose such soon. This is because it is not your genuine passion.

Never fail to verify yourself amidst this point because it has led many to mockery. Anticipation is the key to prevention.

Get down to your nerve and check if you find no joy in music, if yes, depart from music as soon as possible because you may meet mockery. It’s a great sign.

Finds it hard to compose a song

How To Write A Song For Beginners

Composing a song is never hard for a being who has a genuine Music call. Note that composing a song is one of the extraordinary qualities which only musicians possess.

In a situation whereby you find it complicated, you are likely at the wrong lane and anticipation should be condoned immediately.

The music field has been breaking a lot of its lover’s hearts who made a wrong decision choosing the field as a career because it condones a lot of qualities.

It’s pretty much positive to say that a music artist who is not a lyricist can still remain genuine amidst the right calling but a music artiste who can’t compose a song is in the wrong lane. Verify, it’s a great sign.

Can’t vibe to a song for at least 5 munites


Every Music artiste is not destined to be a rapper but if you can’t vibe to a song for at least 5 minutes, you are likely striving in the wrong lane.

Music stars can even vibe without lyrics, that’s a sign that shows their passion is genuine. Can you vibe to songs? If not, it’s a clear sign!

The lights of Rihanna remind us of the need to know that vibing to songs is a great sign that shows music is one’s passion and Calling. Verify if you can vibe to songs for a long time, if yes, you are in the right lane but if wrong, you are in the wrong lane.