Slimcase was born on August 22, 1982, to the Oladapo family. His parents gave him the name Oluwafemi. He was born into a Christian family from the Yoruba tribe in southwest Nigeria.


With his siblings, the rapper was required in Lagos’ mainland area, notably Ikorodu City. Slimcase was taught to respect elders, work hard, and have high moral values by his parents.

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In Ikorodu, he received his primary and senior school education. After six years of study, Slimcase received his First School Leaving Certificate. After that, while he was in SS3, he took the West African School Certificate Examinations and passed with honors.

Slimcase became interested in music during his senior year of high school and dreamed of becoming a rapper. He began by rapping solely in English before incorporating his native Yoruba dialect into his songs.


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Slimcase found it difficult to break into the sector due to the thousands of talented people in the country.

He opted to work as a hypeman and compose music on the side because he had yet to generate any money from his music career. Check out Slimcase’s Songs, Videos and Albums below!