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Stanley Ebai Enow is a Cameroonian rapper who was born and raised in Bafoussam, Cameroon’s West Region, but is a native of Mamfein, Cameroon’s South West Region.

Bayangi Boy, aka Stanley Ebai Enow, left his homeland for Douala, a city brimming with bright lights and new hope.

Stanley Enow graduated with a Communications degree from the University of Douala in 2011 and has a passion for culture.

During his studies, he began a career as a radio host, which caught the attention of Tony Nobody, Cameroon’s urban music pioneer and culture guru.

Stanley Enow quickly established himself as the media personality at the heart of the urban music scene, hosting popular television music show MBOA and fronting his own show, thanks to his charisma and recognizable voice.

The Stanley Urban Radio Show has been chosen to host concerts featuring international artists such as Sexion D’Assault„, a hip hop group from France. These were accompanied by advertising campaigns with pan-African telecommunications behemoths such as MTN.

While establishing a solid reputation in the hip hop community.

The story behind Stanley Enow’s hit single Hein Pére began in late 2012, with a scene at a Douala agency where Stanley Enow was going to pay an invoice.

After several hours of waiting in a line that was not moving as quickly as it should, an elderly gentleman became enraged, and Stanley calmed him down by saying, ‘What else can we do, hein pére?!’ The phenomenon started right there, and inspiration was on the horizon.

When Stanley Enow began writing, his motivation was clear: facing a youth who had lost hope, he needed to write a song that people could relate to and that had a strong positive message – Hein, which means Yes Father. Check out Stanley Enow’s Songs, Video and Ablums below!

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