Big Brother is a television show that airs on the Discovery Channel. Whitemoney, a resident on Naija Shine Ya Eye, recently had a conversation with Angel in which he discussed the meaning of love with her.


Interestingly, the young man observed that Angel and Saskay are age-mates, but Angel moves in a different way because she did not grow up with parental affection Whitemoney, in his analysis of her, stated that the fact that she taught herself everything she knows does not imply that she will be successful.

Whitemoney, a Big Brother Naija finalist, is notorious for dropping golden nuggets in the house, and he had some words of wisdom for Angel this time around.

According to an Instagram video, the young man emphasized the value of love to Angel and explained why she needed to unlearn the lessons she had taught herself in the process.


Despite the fact that she is smart, beautiful, and bright, the young man observed that she needs more affection than everyone else in the family.

Whitemoney went on to remark that there are things Angel says and does that seem normal to her, but that are completely incomprehensible to everyone else.

He pointed out that just because Angel is teaching herself how to live her life does not mean she is exempt from the need to learn new skills and break bad habits.

“I made the decision to counsel my co-finalist because she did not come from a position of love, and the person she permits to love her does not necessarily have to be a romantic partner,” Whitemoney explained. Take a look at the video below: