A good song is sourced by how quality and accurate the lyrics are. When the lyrics are not good the song will sound not significant. So many music artists don’t know that bad lyrics can plummet one’s career if repeated several. Sometimes people get tired of listening to sweet songs and focus on a great lyrical song, this is because; sometimes a good lyric tells one’s present situation which the artist or the writer may not know.


Many famous artists grumble of not achieving any awards, this is because they don’t know the significance of good lyrics referring to musical awards. What must people judge is the quality of the lyrics? If you struggle for writing a song, check out these tips below;

Consider The World Or Your Country’s Present Situation

Music is literature, music is life, they are often stated but many can’t describe vividly the meaning of the above statements. The only everlasting way to pass a message or report your feeling to people is only through music, this is because music can’t fade once it is released you may hear it one day even if you don’t want. This’s why it’s pretty much good to consider the world’s or your Country’s present situation and pass a great feeling of yours through your lyrics to the people. If you want some global awards, write lyrics embossed with the world’s present complications crying for anticipation, and telling the solutions, the world will recognize you definitely through your songs. Consider what happens around you and tell the world your feelings about such.

Write With Similar Words

You could hear Rihanna mention similar words on her lyrics severally, that’s one of the tricks that makes her songs so good and a pleasure to listen to. Many never knew that mentioning similar words side by side makes your lyrics composure very glaring and perfect. when you write in full or don’t mention any similar words, it would be very difficult for it to compromise with any beat. Why writing you can even apply an oxymoron.

Add your local language

Not how your language sounds in your ear is exactly how it sounds in someone’s ear, it may be so pleasing in a stranger’s ear that’s why we should consider adding our language while writing a lyrics. Many are not good in English, it would be a pleasure too if you add your language so they can understand what you are passing to them. Make it less if you sing in English.

Don’t Lose Your Focus

I refer to your point focus, what you sing about. Sometimes, one may find it so difficult while writing lyrics to the extent that he losses focus and swerve to trivialities ending up to mockery. Have a calm self and concentrate gingerly, have your time, and never forget what you are writing about.

Write in Stanza

It’s one of the major rules for writing lyrics but many music artists neglect such which creates difficulties for them. Stanzas help in knowing what a paragraph tells differently because no paragraphs are the same from one lyrics. It also helps for an easy correction if a mistake occurs.


Everything is learned before being a professional, get down your pen and practice, do it oral sometimes. When you practice severally, you shall add good meaning to your lyrics.

Read other lyrics

Experiences matters, referring to lyrics, we get experiences and knowledge from others, gather many lyrics, and read them repeatedly for quality lyrics.