In the United States, country music is one of the most played genres. It has a wide variety of songs about small towns, big city life, and romance.

As people in Nashville look back on what country songs were the last year 2021, there have been some new names on the horizon. It’s time to sit back and see what country music has been like in the past year.


The top ten country songs in 2021:

  1. Forever After All by Luke Combs

Luke Combs is a multiple Grammy award-winning country singer and songwriter from White House, Georgia. He has released six studio albums and two compilation albums. His third studio album for River House Records was released on January 10. The first single was “Forever After All.

Luke Combs is a multiple Grammy award-winning country singer and songwriter from White House, Georgia. He has released six studio albums and two compilation albums. His third studio album for River House Records was released on January 10. The first single was “Forever After All. and the song contains strong influences from Americana music. The main theme of the song is to live life to the fullest and enjoy it while you can. 

  1. Wasted on You by Morgan Wallen

Morgan Wallen is a singer-songwriter and musician from Sneedville, Tennessee. Wallen worked as a commercial banker and then signed a publishing contract with Warner Chappell Music. He released his debut single “The Way I Talk” in 2018, which featured Florida Georgia Line. He released his second single from the album “Up Down” in November 2017 in collaboration with Florida Georgia Line and it topped Billboard’s Airplay chart as the No 1 single. 

After that, he began releasing singles for the album The Road More or Less Traveled like “Whiskey Glasses”. This particular song “Wasted On You” was released in 2021 and the song is a reflection on his past relationship and how he can’t get over an ex-girlfriend.

  1. I Hope by Gabby Barrett

Gabby Barrett is a singer-songwriter from Los Angeles, California. She was a contestant on The Voice as part of Team Blake Shelton. She released her debut album, Goldmine in June 2020 in Nashville, Tennessee. She went on to release “I Hope” in November 2020. It was produced by Ross Copperman and Zachary Kale. The song was among the hot country songs that topped the charts last year.

Gabby Barrett shared in an interview with Rollingstone that she knew the song would be a massive hit from the point of conception due to the reaction of her team.

  1. Tennessee Whiskey by Chris Stapleton

Chris Stapleton is a Grammy-winning country and Americana singer, songwriter, and guitarist from Nashville, Tennessee. He has released two solo albums. “Tennessee Whiskey” is the second single from Chris Stapleton’s debut album Traveller. The song topped the chart in the United States, Canada, and United Kingdom in December 2021.

  1. Starting Over by Chris Stapleton

This is another hit song from Chris Stapleton.  Just like the title, the song signals a fresh start and it is part of the tracks of Stapleton’s first album –Traveller. This particular album was released three years and the record was said to have made him restless and re-energized with the intent to release a track that portrays partners can always lean on one another even in difficult times.

  1. Fancy Like by Walker Hayes

Walker Hayes is a country singer-songwriter from Mobile, Alabama. He started singing actively in 2010 and since then he has released three albums with various hit songs. He was also nominated for several awards like Grammy Awards and American Music Awards in the Country category.

One of them is “Fancy Like.” The song was released in 2021 and topped several charts across the country that same year. The song was called “the feel-good American record of the year” by Rolling Stone Magazine. Hayes was determined to put his little twist on the classic blue-eyed soul song “Fancy Like You.”

  1. Whiskey Glasses by Morgan Wallen

It was not just “Wasted on You” by Morgan Wallen that made it to the top charts but also “Whiskey Glasses.” The song talks about moving on and enjoying life. The track was part of the “If I know me” album that was released in 2018. It is rumored that this particular song was inspired by Wallen’s previous relationship and the instrumentation involves the use of Guitars, Drums that gave it a more rock feel. 

Speaking of being in a relationship, “Whiskey Glasses” is a lyrical expression of how breakups can make one feel. The song has a groovy vibe which makes it memorable. Wallen has been able to create the perfect blend of country music and rock and roll with this particular song that is hard to forget.

  1. Better Together by Luke Combs

This is another best single from Luke Combs last year. This song is about a couple who has experienced mixed feelings. Both of them have realized that they are better together than being apart and the only way to save their relationship is to let go of all the doubts and accept each other for what they are. This song is an inspiration from Luke Combs’s recent engagement portraying love and various things that complement it.

The name of Combs’ new wife is Nicole Hocking and their engagement was held last August.

  1. The Good Ones by Gabby Barrett

This is another super hit from Gabby Barrett. She started performing at the age of 16

and since then she has been shooting for the stars. She grabbed the nation’s attention in season 16 of American Idol as a Finalist and this particular song “The Good Ones” is another super hit from her last year. 

This song is part of her debut album, the song was inspired by her husband, Cade Foehner. She expressed in appreciation for the ACM Awards that the “Good One” she was referring to in the hit song is her husband.

  1. Beautiful Crazy by Luke Combs

Luke Combs is the only artist whose songs appear three times on our list and this goes to show the hard work that he has been putting on which has made him the first country artist to top the charts with five different singles.

This particular song is the hit single from his self-titled album released in 2017. It is about two lovers who belong together and despite what happened, they will stick with each other no matter how crazy things are between them.

The lyrics in this song are catchy and there is a clear indication that Combs was able to capture the raw emotion of falling in love in such a simple manner. The use of country music instruments like acoustic guitar and steel guitar adds to the vibe of the track. This song holds a lot of heart and it can be played over and over again without getting old whatsoever.