The existence of God is one beyond our knowledge, thoughts, and imaginations. Many kinds of research have gone a long way in seeking the true existence of God thereby unveiling their knowledge which they think is their intelligence. This made them refuse the facts that God exists but the fact is that its just a mere confusion.

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How Can God Exist If He Is Invisible? Have you stood in your mirror and see your life? No, you only see your body. So you exist with the visible body and invisible life. The imagery of God has first occurred in your mind that makes you seek him. He is seen in all that He created. The existence of nature is the visibility of God; the earth, water including human beings. His visibility shows in all that He created which no other has. He reveals himself through his creatures, his angels, and mostly through His Son Jesus Christ whom he sent to die for us, “whoever sees my son, sees me”. He’s not revealing Himself directly to us does not mean he is invisible. He is showing us how great and might He is. He is constantly with us and as life exists by the functioning of the body he was existing, he exists and still exists.

Nature Exists: On its Own How can you see a volleyball kicking itself? There must be forced applied. Human beings do not come out of the blues; it’s only a living thing that can beget a living thing so there’s a supreme being who produces these human beings. The Earth rotates; Water colorless, tasteless; Human brain process amount of information; Eye distinguish among seven million colors. All this has functions and a definite purpose so there’s a Designer who places this function because it cannot exist for anything.

Tragedies: Like Plane crash, accidents, Mis-ship, rich against poor has brought the idea of seeking God’s Existence that He doesn’t exist. They asked,” If God exists why all these tragedies took place? He is God and God alone, everything is His possession. Why won’t He put the things He created so that pleases Him to discard the disorder in His universe? In as much we have our own free will we don’t decide anything that happens in the world He created, that will make us realize that He exists and He has power over all He created.

Anyways God exists because the concept of God exists since one can think that God exists then something that nothing greater is thought of as something that exists. However, a hand must move the stick to move a thing, for a change to occur there must be the cause of the change since a thing cannot change for itself.