Why Nigerian Music Industry Is So Competitive

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All Nigerians are music lovers, which is why several artists are inspired to become musicians
because Nigerians demand entertainment which is music, movies, and other forms of

Nigeria is the most populated country in Africa and one of the largest countries in the world
based on the human population. It is very easy and simple for an artist to become successful in
Nigeria because there are over 200 million people that want to listen to his or her music but
competition is the major problem for upcoming artists at the moment.

There are several music artists that have been relevant in Nigeria for over 10 years and still
among the best and most streamed artists on the available music streaming platform.

Thousands Of Musicians In The Industry

There are thousands of music artists in Nigeria at the moment, both successful and successful.
Millions of music are released every month even though we only listen to a few of them because
most of this music is released by upcoming artists. I can tell you authoritatively that there are
more upcoming artists than successful artists in the Nigerian music industry. In the next five
years, there will be new music artists in the country even though the current will still be dropping
music back to back for their fans.

Money Making Industry

Most Nigerian artists are financially poor, music changes their life after they become successful
in Nigeria. That is why millions of Nigerian youth want to become musicians so that they can
overcome poverty and be financially stable.

Now you know why Nigerian music is so competitive.

Self Employment

Millions of Nigerians don’t depend on the government or other institutions for jobs, they want to
create their own business because there are no jobs in the country and only a few people who
are currently employed do not get paid enough to solve their financial problems. That is why
thousands of Nigerian youth want to be musicians so that they can be financially free and be
self-employed. Aside from being a musician, thousands of Nigerian youth are already
YouTubers, online content creators, comedians, and more professionals in the Nigerian
entertainment industry.

Internet and social media

The internet and social media have made it so easy and simple for anyone to become a musician
in Nigeria. All you need to do is to search one or two keywords or watch some YouTube videos
and you will begin to start your music career as an upcoming artist in Nigeria.

Unlike before when you need to pay a huge amount of money to enroll in a music school or class and then pay for
music producer, studio hours, and more before you can record a single but it is not so at the
a moment with a little amount of money you can buy some musical instrument and you’ll be able to
record your own music at home without paying any professional producer to do the recording
and mixing for you.

Now you know why Nigerian music is competitive compared to other African music industries.
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