Dave, a British-Nigerian rapper, has released “We’re All Alone In This Together,” his eagerly awaited sophomore studio album.

Stormzy appears on the previously released song “Clash,” WizKid on “System,” Boj on “Lazarus,” Snoh Aalegra on “Law Of Attraction,” and James Blake on “Both Sides Of A Smile” on the 12-track project.


Dave stated he poured all he had into the album in a passionate comment on his Instagram page.

“I poured my whole heart and soul into it, my ups and downs, my fears and anguish, my truth, my family, my relationships, everything. I’m out of options. Everything is on this page because I placed it there.

“Writing this record and video for you was the finest part because of how close we grew and how much respect I gained for you in the process. My heart and soul belong to Nigeria.

I adore you and will fight for you till the end of my days… To anybody who has ever felt scared, defeated, or unhappy in their life, to the victims of the Windrush affair, the victims of Grenfell, or the victims of war crimes in the Middle East,

the victims of bigotry and high-level corruption, and everything else that this album is about.

I adore you, just as I adore my family, people, and fellow migrants. Never, ever forget. The river gave birth to us. But I gave it a go in the flames. We’re all on our own in this.”

dave werealone

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Dave told GQ in a recent interview that the album “We’re All Alone In This Together” is self-aware: “This record, God willing, will explain itself.” It has a magical quality

“In this record, it references itself; it is self-aware,” he continued. My inner life is self-aware: what I do, my profession, musically, acting-wise, and my goal. When you hear who I am on track twelve compared to who I was on track one, it seems like a journey of years, like, ‘Yo, this person has been here, this has happened, that has occurred, I meet this person, the slang I use, the arrogance, the voice…’ It is canon.”

“We’re All Alone In This Together” is Dave’s follow-up to his award-winning first studio album PSYCHODRAMA, which he released in 2019.

Below is a link to We’re All Alone In This Together, which you may listen to:

! My first album seemed like an idea, but this is canon.”