Top 5 Afrobeat Best Stage Performers 2023

A convincing number of Afrobeat artists are known for the impact they deploy in dishing out an enormous number of iconic hit songs. Still, there is also an incredible quality they embody that has infused their status to the phase of stage Performance.

These stars bring fort thrilling and energetic vibes on stages that would sell out any form of Afrobeat concerts staked in their names.

They are embossed with the qualities of changing the rhythm of their songs in a highly recognized performance that would go down to fascinate every single Afrobeat Enthusiast. Due to the beauty of their stage-performing qualities, they are paid massive amounts of money just to unleash their gifts on stage.

Some are known for their aggressive approach, while some are known for their smooth vibes approach.

Check below and thrill to the beauty of these stars who are embossed with outstanding stage performance qualities.

Burna Boy

The Nigerian Grammy award-winning singer Burna Boy is currently the best Afrobeat performer in Nigeria, and there is no doubt about that.

He has proven his qualities ever since he struck the limelight with his single ‘Like to Party.’

Burna Boy is known popularly for his unique stage performances, which have gone down to reshape his status around the globe.

During his stage performances, he unleashed an extraordinary view that has attracted many fan bases to his name. The reputation he has earned for mixing the African culture with the Afrobeat genre on the stage is nothing but a glance at his incredible qualities.

His vocal alongside his choir also has been the key pinnacle of his stage success so far. Over the years, he has advanced an incredible view of perfection on stage, which has earned him the highly profiled status he has on most dimensions monetized to another phase of finance.

From the updated current world performers, Burna Boy embraces the top-tier bidding on the top 10 current performers.

The ‘Alone’ crooner has also outgrown his flaws to deploy one of the most iconic stage oral performances that has gone in history to be termed the best.




The Nigerian songwriter and singer Ckay has deservedly earned his spot in this phase as he is currently the second stage performer in Nigeria, as confirmed by multiple sources.

However, he is odd in this category, following how he deploys a unique stage performance with a massive influence that has earned him a big space in this space.

He doesn’t often add aggression and much energy in his performances but, in a way, thrills Afrobeat enthusiasts with his amazing voice and composure.

His capability is centered on his vocal, which is naturally incredible, and he has also utilized that in most of his live performances.

The instrumental qualities he also embodies have helped attract a vast number of fan base to his name. They crave to see him perform every single day.

Ckay attained global recognition shortly after his single ‘Love Nwantiti’ went viral via TikTok. He was just a local singer signed to the famous Nigerian record label Chocolate City before he found his peak and went solo.


Ibrahim Balogun Ayo, who is known popularly by his stage name, Wizkid, and sometimes identified as Big Wiz in no doubt, is the third-best stage Afrobeat Performer in Nigeria.

He is focused more on fashion and composed concerts, which have earned him global recognition. He remains the only Nigerian music star to have sold out the O2 Arena 5 successful times.

This could pave you through to the incredible influence he has earned with his stage performance ability. He often deploys less aggression in most of his songs as he has found passion in performing his love songs.

Wizkid, in most of his stage performances, allows his fans to sing along with him in an attractive view, which has earned him a place in their hearts.

The Nigerian Grammy Award winner Wizkid rose to fame after debuting in the Nigerian music firm with his album ‘Superstar’ which contained multiple hit songs, including ‘Holla at Your Boy that infused his career. To date, Wizkid has been able to dominate the Nigerian music firm for more than one decade now.


The Nigerian Afrobeat giant and singer Davido also has graced his spot in this category, having left a vast mark in the history of the Afrobeat genre.

He is known popularly for his energetic stage performances and the qualities he deploys to the crowds that crave his performance all day.

His second successful sold-out O2 Arena Afrobeat concert proved his qualities on the stage. It emerged to be an entertaining show that will go down to be a memorable one.

Performing as one of the lead singers in the 2023 FIFA World Cup closing ceremony proved why he is the boss in this phase. Davido also became the first African and Nigerian Afrobeat Gem to perform at the FIFA World Cup major stages.

He also performed at the BET opening ceremony, where he thrilled the crowd with the energy of his newly Grammy-nominated album ‘Timeless’.

Davido, unlike the other top Nigerian music stars, rapidly struck the limelight after releasing his debut album ‘Omo Baba Olowo,’ which contained his hit song ‘Dami Duro.’


Rema freestyle

The new wave in the Afrobeat world, Divine Ikubor, who is better known by his stage name, Rema, also has earned a place in the fifth spot of the Nigerian Afrobeat best stage performer.

Gracing the O2 Arena with yet another Afrobeat performance is a view of class that proves just why he is the best.

Since he gained global recognition, Rema has been able to attain energetic stage performances that have earned him a massive fan base who muse every day to see him perform.

He had developed the barrier of squashing and splashing water on his head at most of his shows, which has best proven his passion for Afrobeat.

He rose to fame shortly after being unveiled as a Mavin Records signee by Don Jazzy. Since this phase, he has grown vast after his hit song ‘Calm Down’ blew up.


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