20 Hottest songs and Albums from 2020 To 2023

Hottest Albums And Hottest Songs 2020 To 2023

1. Holy Father- Mayorkun, Victony

Holy Father – Mayorkun, Victony is a collaboration that has set all the bar high. The vibe is right, and the production is perfect. The lyrics are very powerful and well put together.

People often tend not to want to listen to a song when they don’t like what it says. For the song to still hit so hard, it showed there was a lot of value in it. At the song’s beginning, they don’t say anything, but eventually, when you listen to what they say, you feel like you’re right in the middle of something.

One of Mayorkun’s amazing songs, Holy Father, has a very hypnotic beat and melody that gets stuck in your head almost immediately. The song is catchy and even better when you see the video.

The vocal deliveries of the artists are great, and the song was sung so well. The song’s rhythm is also great; anyone would love it. The song’s lyrics were also written uniquely, making many people go crazy over it.

The beats are very appealing. They make you want to dance whenever you hear them. The drums are also very amazing. The song is very cool and amazing. The song’s chorus is catchy, and you can’t help but sing along to its lyrics.

Holy Father is a song that will remain in our hearts forever. It has a unique sound and melody, which makes listeners want to keep listening again and again. Mayorkun and Victony did an excellent job in creating this masterpiece, and it stands out compared to other songs of the same genre.

2. Jerusalema – Master KG ft Nomcebo

This song is just magical. The amazing gospel sound and the smooth voices of Master KG and Talent Nomcebo made this song a force to reckon with. “Jerusalem” has since ruled the charts in multiple countries, becoming a household name in South Africa. The song is great for feeling down and needing something to lift your spirit and dance away your pain. The song is great for any occasion, whether a celebration or a sad moment. Everyone should know this song as it has become so popular. It’s also fun to dance to because it is upbeat and happy.

The song’s success has made it an anthem for those facing challenges and adversity in life. It’s just a great song that has touched the hearts of millions of people worldwide, and Jerusalem will continue to touch others for years to come.

 Master KG and Nomcebo have great chemistry, and seeing them together on one project is great. Their voices complement each other and add more life to the song. The soulful element of the song makes it even more beautiful as it takes you to another world.

On the whole, Jerusalema is one of those songs that will keep your spirits up and is just a great feel-good song that is great for any occasion. The dance and the rhythm are so easy to follow, but they will make you want to dance along while making you feel good at the same time.

3. Made in Lagos: Deluxe Edition – Wizkid

Made in Lagos is a very good project from start to finish. It has so many catchy songs that you cannot help but get addicted to them. The album’s production is set perfectly to show off Whizkid’s vocals. Most songs have an acoustic feel, making them even more appealing and enjoyable to listen to.

It’s also good to see Wizkid return to his Afrobeat style of music, and it’s easy to see how he excelled doing this style of music. It has those catchy choruses, and the songs keep you interested from start to finish. Wizkid did a very good job with this album in terms of production and songwriting skills.

The album is a well-put-together project, and the standout tracks are “Essence,” “Ginger, “Smile,” and “Ginger.” All four songs are catchy, as you cannot help but sing along to them and groove to them.

The album includes some great features from Tems H.E.R., Burna Boy, and more. They add more to the album bringing a unique essence to it. By far one of the best Wizkid releases, he has been involved with so far. The production on the album is top-notch, and it makes you dance through it easily.

4. Love, Damini – Burna Boy

Burna Boy is a very good artist; he always mixes things with his music and works every time. He has released some of the best Afrobeats songs in the industry, which is why he is at this point in his career. He has reached audiences all over Africa, and everyone agrees that was not something that happened until recently with him.

On this album, we get to see the vulnerable side of the artist that he was never able to showcase till now because he was always so full of energy and positive vibes. But on this album, you can see how even though he still has that energy and positive vibe behind him, he released some songs with a darker tone behind them as well.

We also see him grow as an artist and artistically in his music. He shows off his singing skills on this album, and the production is also absolutely on point. Songs like “C’Mon,” “Last Last,” and “Kilometre,” and pretty much all the songs on this album have a very good production behind them, which makes this album believable and a solid listen.

The songwriting on the album is acceptable, and you can tell that Burna Boy has done way more to this album than make it sound good; he also did a lot of work in the songwriting department. The songs he wrote have a lot more depth, meaning they have more substance and are more memorable.

On this album, we see a more vulnerable side of Burna Boy, and that’s good for his image, as he is showing he can express his emotions and put them into a song instead of just being energetic and positive all the time. But at the same time, it makes people think that Burna Boy is not in this album to do songs about love and hardships but that he was able to make an album with a lot of depth to it as well.

Burna’s voice on this entire album is very good, and he showed off his vocals on this whole project. He could sing over songs considered hard to sing before, and he still did them with great vocals. His potential is endless as an artist, which we see throughout this project.

5. Overloading (Overdose)- Mavins, Crayon, Ayra Starr, LadiPoe, Magixx, Boy Spyce

The fact that there is such a diverse range of artists on “Overloading” is likely why no song on the list sounds quite like it. The transitions between verses are seamless because they blend too well. It’s as if the first verse ends and the second verse begins simultaneously, in all but name.

Each artist is given their perfect slot to shine, which makes “Overloading” so special. There’s no denying it’s a catchy chorus track; it has all the airplay potential, and everything from the background music to Ayra Starr’s verses on this song is exceptional.

A whirlwind of sounds and melodies, “Overloading” is an epic collab. There are “Back To Back” vibes from the start, and we don’t get a moment to catch our breath until Crayon’s verse, where it all comes together.

The transition between Mavins’ verses is one of the most interesting things about this song, and the fact that even though there are so many different artists on this song, it doesn’t sound like a mess, thanks to their great verses and exquisite harmonies. The fact that “Overloading” has barely any features but isn’t disjointed in any way is pretty amazing. And it’s also a testament to how talented these artists are.

The effortless blending between each artist is an impressive feat, and it’s something that could only have been achieved by a group of artists who are so in sync with each other, even if they rarely work together in a group like this.

Along with the dope harmonies and steady flows, it’s clear that the main focus of this song is the chorus. It overlaps every other song on this list, but not every song can brag about having such an earworm-worthy hook. In terms of ultimate value for money, “Overloading” is exactly what you’d expect from a Mavins collab track: their style collides with everyone else’s style in a way that makes sense, and there’s no doubt that you’ll be singing along to this one all day.

6. Burna Boy – Twice As Tall Review

‘Twice As Tall ‘is a work many African fans and music lovers can relate to. The album talks about Burna Boy’s journey through the industry, his hard work and dedication to his craft, his many critics and haters, and how he transformed into what he is today, a global superstar.

The album is filled with powerful, memorable songs that instantly bring back memories of the artist’s career. The body of work oozes with confidence, powerful melodies, and great wordplay with the presence of Youssou N’Dour, P.Diddy, Chris Martin, Stormzy, and others.

This exemplifies how Burna Boy distinguished himself from other African artists around the same period. He spoke nothing but the truth when he made this album. He talked about his struggle and how he got to where he is today. It’s a brilliant album that captures his hard work, dedication to his craft, and the hardships he faced to achieve success.

The album also shows how big of a star Burna Boy is, which shows that Africa has great music and great stars who have been able to make it big beyond their homeland. Now, with all this international popularity, we can expect bigger things from him in future releases and his live appearances across different parts of Africa and abroad.

7. Ruger – Red Flags

Ruger’s words in his song Red Flags are powerful and meaningful. He has a way of making you think about things and angles that you have not considered before. When he is singing, it’s like he is talking directly to you in terms you can understand and relate to.

The lyrics are powerful, and there is a clear and clear message. The flow of the song works so well. Ruger takes the listener straight to his point, and you understand the song’s message. The chorus has a great tone and excites you for the rest of the song.

This song is one that anyone can relate to because we have all been in relationships where we have been called our names in front of other people whether we like it or not, but when Ruger sings it, he makes you feel like he’s singing just for you and only for you.

Ruger can make you feel like he is singing to you directly, making you feel so special and loved. This song brings out all kinds of emotions in the listener, and the first thing that comes to your mind when the song is over is how amazing this song is; it deserves a place on this list.

If Ruger had lyrics for every woman a man has ever hurt, this guy would be making millions of dollars with his voice! The way he describes things so simple but with such a big meaning makes you sit back and think about what he has said. His lyrics are simple yet effective.

He tells a story in the song, and once you understand what he’s talking about, you can’t deny that his message is one of the most important messages in recent times. Ruger doesn’t whine or complain but gives a message from his point of view as though he were telling you directly.

8. Won Da Mo by Mavins Ft. Rema, Ayra Starr, LadiPoe, Crayon, Bayanni, Boy Spyce, Magixx & Johnny Drille

Won Da Mo‘ could be the best song any record label has ever released. Crazy right? But I stand by my claim. With the likes of veteran Nigerian acts Rema, Ayra Starr, LadiPoe, Crayon, and Bayanni on board, other young and upcoming acts like Boy Spyce, Magixx, and Johnny Drille, this hit will be remembered for a long time.

The combination of these different voices in one song is flawless, and the beat and rhythm are too good. The production alone puts this song in the league of our best songs. It’s a must-listen for anyone who cherishes good music. Don Jazzy is a musical genius!

The track has a great blend of voices that blend perfectly to make up a masterpiece. It’s a hit, and it would be hard to imagine any music that would do justice to this song.

The song has feel-good rhythms, catchy tunes, and substantial lyrics. The song is about stopping violence and doing good in this world. The message is trying to spread positivity everywhere. If you’re open-minded enough, you can truly appreciate this amazing work.

Overall, ‘Won Da Mo’ is a song you would want to catch. It has a great blend of voices that blend perfectly to make up a masterpiece. Also, the song’s lyrical content is very good and easy to follow. It’s a total package.

9. Ojemba – Phyno Ft. Olamide

Ojemba‘ is a song that celebrates the diversity of Nigeria and its people. The song is a fusion of three languages, Igbo, pidgin English, and English, showing the diverse country’s versatility and unity. The use of different languages in the song adds to the richness of the song and showcases the talent of Phyno and Olamide.

The lyrics are thought-provoking and relatable, making it easy for listeners to connect with the song’s message. Phyno and Olamide use their unique styles and voices to deliver a powerful message in a way that is both relatable and catchy.

The song is centered around the blessings of God in our lives and how it shapes our daily lives. The lyrics reflect the importance of gratitude and how we should always be thankful for the blessings that come our way. The artists use their unique styles to deliver a powerful message in a way that is both relatable and catchy.

The song will be able to reach a wide range of listeners, making it so successful as an Afro-Pop song.

‘Ojemba’ is another great track that highlights the versatility and creativity of Phyno and Olamide. The collaboration between these two artists has always been a recipe for success, and this new release is no exception.

10. Rexxie – Abracadabra ft Skiibii & Naira Marley

“Abracadabra” is an Afro-Pop song with a mesmerizing rhythm. The studio number is a blend of great drum patterns, pop-style vocals, and catchy lyrics. Although the song has not been officially released, the music video has already hit Youtube and gone viral. The Studio number is another tremendous entry that will take over music mainstream in no distant time. Having Skiibii and Naira Marley on this studio number is an added advantage.

The song title, Abracadabra, is a spell of power, just like the number of listeners that have already downloaded and listened to it on Youtube. The song title, Abracadabra, does not have any meaning, but Rexxie cleverly uses it to drive home his point that there is a bridge between his desires and what a woman he’s in a relationship with wants.

As you listen to the song, you will realize that Abracadabra is Rexxie’s way of letting you know that he has won over every other man who may come in between him and his most precious lady. As the number grows, Rexxie will inspire his lady to realize that their relationship has a different meaning.

The Afro-Pop song talks about a love relationship that is like magic. The rhythm is fantastic, and the flow of the song is awesome. To add to things, Rexxie’s voice is so soothing and smooth. Once you have listened to the song, you will be compelled to buy it. This is the music that Rexxie wants his listeners to know and stand by him, his songs, and his journey as an Afro-Pop musician who has chosen this route in life just like his lady.

“Abracadabra” is another phenomenal Afro-Pop song that is gaining popularity on the music scene. The song blends great drum patterns, pop-style vocals, and catchy lyrics.

11. Omah Lay – Soso

Soso” is a song that speaks to many people going through many life hardships. This is why Omah Lay uses this song as a medium to let ladies and men know that they should not allow the things happening around them to get to them so much because, eventually, nothing will be able to take away the pain they are going through. This is what Omah Lay tries to convey in the lyrics of this song, and he even calls upon the woman in question to take away his pain because she has done it before.

Soso’s lyrics mean that the lady is your mother or girlfriend. Omah Lay does not hold back in telling the lady in question that he needs her and wants to tell her so badly what is going on, but he cannot because she is not there right now- this is why he calls out to her to come and take away his pain and make things right again.

Also, Omah Lay uses Soso’s lyrics to show that he is not himself, and all this time, we have only heard the positive side of Omah Lay, but in this song, he reveals his very troubled side to all his fans. This is why “Soso” is one of the most appreciated music, as it speaks to many people who are going through similar things in their lives and need a voice that can relate to them at that moment.

12. Spyro – Who Is Your Guy?

Who Is Your Guy?” is a perfect song for all those ladies having issues with their boyfriends because Spyro uses this song as a medium to express his frustration about his relationship with his girlfriend. We get Spyro’s point of view in this song.

He said he is tired of listening to his girlfriend complain about their relationship because she is not satisfied with how things are going with her boyfriend and how he is treating her. Spyro asks the question, “who has she got?” and wants to tell that guy that he can take her away from him if he wants to because she will jump at the chance to be with someone who would treat her better.

Spyro is not saying he is better than any of her boyfriends, but he wants to tell the guy that he can have her anytime he wants. Spyro is just using this song to express his frustration about how his girlfriend sometimes complains about their relationship. At other times, she comes on all sweet to him, asking for forgiveness, so you never know what to believe regarding her conversations with him.

Spyro’s – Who Is Your Guy? is a perfect song to have as an opener during your party because it will surely keep the party going, and your guests will enjoy listening to it all night long.

13. Ruger – Asiwaju

Every artist signed to record labels needs some push and motivation. Asiwaju is a great song to motivate and inspire young artists that are signed to record labels because it keeps reminding them of why they decided to be in the industry in the first place and what they want out of their careers.

The lyrics of this song are practical advice by Ruger to all artists who have signed record deals, a reminder that they should not let their fame get into their heads, or they will lose focus on why they are in the music industry.

This is why he encourages them to work hard and try their best to use the opportunities given to them through their record deals.

Ruger – Asiwaju is a song that we think everyone should listen to; it will keep reminding you that even though you are signed on a recording label, you still need to work hard and try your best if you want your music career to be successful. It would help if you did not let yourself go soft and become too comfortable when you are already getting paid or gaining fame in the industry; this is what we can get from Ruger’s lyrics on this particular song.

14. Kizz Daniel – Cough (Odo) ft. Empire

Suppose you are a lover of good, beautiful, soothing music Kizz Daniel – Cough (Odo) ft. Empire is a song you should add to your playlist. The song will make you feel more at ease and comfortable; that’s how soothing the voice and lyrics are on this tune.

The melody appeals to your ears, and the vocals are great too. It’s quite a soothing song with a fantastic rhythm delivery. Part of the reason we can say that this is one of the best songs in its genre is that it blends in perfectly with what we see as its related genre-hip-hop genres or r&b genres, among others.

Kizz Daniel made this song appealing to the ear with a smooth and catchy chorus that we cannot resist. We love to listen to this song, and it’s a hit! A perfect way to end your night on how Kizz Daniel – Cough (Odo) ft. Empire has made you feel more at ease and comfortable before you leave your house. The perfect type of music you want during that hour when you are just chilling on your couch.

The song’s instrumentals are fantastic and blend in perfectly with the lyrics, which are also fantastic. The chorus or hook of the song is also great, and the beat is just right. Kizz Daniel – Cough (Odo) ft. Empire is a perfect way to end your day on a good note before going to bed; we love it!

15. Sungba by Asake is a song you will love to listen to because it has elements that make you vibe. It’s a beautiful musical piece with a good rhythm and amazing sound arrangement.

The melodies and sound of this song are perfect, and the vocal delivery by Asake is awesome. The lyrics are also good and carry a meaningful message if we have time to analyze them thoroughly. The listener can feel the vibes from the artist in Sungba by Asake.

Asake delivered another hit for us; it is about time people started respecting his music. The song is amazing and has a good sound arrangement, brilliant vocals, and great lyrics. We love how Asake delivered his lines, and he never disappoints us.

Sungba by Asake is about his sexual prowess. He mentioned that he could give women a good time by describing it in detail. This song’s sound and instrumental arrangement are amazing, and you will enjoy listening to it.

This melody has a very appealing sound, and the song tells us about Asake’s lyrical prowess and talent in music. He did a great job on Sungba by Asake, and we love how he sang it while keeping in line with what his fans would like to hear from him. Sungba by Asake is a great song.

If you have been following Asake’s music career, you will love this song because it has elements that were used in his previous songs, and it shows that he is working on a project and wants to give us the best from him.

However, even though we loved this song, there is still room for improvement in terms of the instrumental arrangements, melodies, and instrumentals usage, but we know that Asake will come back with a better one.

16. Certified Loner (No Competition) by Mayorkun

Certified Loner – No Competition by Mayorkun is a song that gives you a feeling of being happy and also makes you feel calm. The song has an awesome feel-good rhythm and amazing lyrics. Mayorkun did a great job on this song; you can feel his vibes.

Mayorkun has delivered another great record for us, as we love how he captured his audience. Still, this time, he has tied everything together with his voice, wordplay, and music arrangement to give the listeners another music treat. The song is soothing and has some great lyrics that give the listeners a feel-good experience.

In the music industry, nothing can be better than how he captured his audience with Certified Loner (No Competition) by Mayorkun. Mayorkun gave us another great record that we will enjoy and feel good about while listening to it. We love how he made the listener feel relaxed and happy after listening to this song.

Mayorkun is one of the best musicians in Nigeria, and his versatility has been remarkable throughout his musical career. He made a great success story out of himself, and Certified Loner (No Competition) by Mayorkun proves that he knows how to give us another excellent record. This song is amazing, and you should listen to it because everything about this song is just simply amazing.

Mayorkun did a great job on the melodies, beats, rhythm, and the proper selection on Certified Loner (No Competition) by Mayorkun. The song also boasts some cool-sounding instrumentals to make things better for the listener.

What can be better than that? Mayorkun is indeed a great musician, and he is loved by his fans for his great musical skills. They hope he doesn’t stop working on the music scene and delivers more excellent records because they know the world is waiting to listen to more of his music. The world has got its eyes on Mayorkun, so let’s hope he brings us some more amazing records like Certified Loner (No Competition) by Mayorkun because we’re surely in for another treat.

17. Buga (Lo Lo Lo) by Kizz Daniel and Tekno

BUGA by Kizz Daniel and Tekno is a very catchy song that is soothing to listeners’ ears. The song has many interesting lyrics that teach people to ensure they put their money to good use. This was a song that made me think even before I heard it.

BUGA, amazingly is about how humans work so hard for the things they have, and we should always be proud of ourselves, and that is what this song teaches listeners to do. The most interesting part of this song is that it tells us how we should charge according to our worth and ensure that we are not undervalued.

Kizz Daniel and Tekno made the music with a very high motivation because they knew what they had in store for us with their music. This was one of those songs you can listen to all day long as it has something so appealing and great meaning.

Kizz Daniel and Tekno executed the song so well, and they both delivered the music with so many vibes that it became one of the top songs in Nigeria, and this is a great achievement for both of them.

The song is a great message to the listeners, and the two artists delivered it with so much motivation that it made people sing along. This song teaches us to be humble and not to undervalue ourselves. We hope Kizz Daniel and Tekno will release more songs like BUGA, as they will make another great success story in their careers.

18. Last Last by Burna Boy

Burna Boy has always been a very consistent artist. The man knows his craft and how to tap into the public’s perception of what makes him successful. So while he is given the creative freedom to experiment with some of these beats, he still knows when to stick to what he does best and what works for him.

You can listen to some of the tracks on “Love, Damini,” as these are some of the most solid collaborations on the album. Despite this being an Afrobeats album, he still makes room for straight-up R&B and pop in a couple of songs. This sets him apart from his contemporaries since he is already a huge name in the industry.

A popular single from “Love, Damini” is Last Last. This is a great track with lyrics that are deep and full of wisdom. This is the song you would want to listen to when you are feeling a little bit down because it will remind you of the good things in life. You can tell that Burna took his time making this album since he left nothing out.

Some critics were very unhappy with the number of collaborations on “Love, Damini” because they thought they might be slowing down the project, but it works out as long as you don’t focus too much on them. He has some amazing vocalists he can work with, which comes out perfectly on Last Last. It is one of the standout tracks here. And you can tell he chose collaborators well so that the album is as seamless as possible.

Burna Boy’s “Love, Damini” is a worthy addition to his catalog and a display of his versatility. While it may not be an instant classic, there are enough standout moments sprinkled throughout the 13 tracks that make it worthwhile.

19. Rema – Calm Down

Rema uses the lyrics “Calm down” to communicate a point. He says he loves her and is only interested in her, not other girls. This could be true since he has not been linked to any other lady in the industry.

But what Rema doesn’t realize is that even though she may be his “favorite”, it doesn’t mean they will last forever. He should understand that she could be persuaded by another man who also has all the things she wants in a man- good looks and money etc.

If you see two or more guys with these things- and since sex is a strong motivator- then maybe what’s going to happen is that she will choose the guy with better looks and money as opposed to Rema, who has all the things that she wants in a man.

Rema uses the song “Calm down” to show a lady that she shouldn’t be so nervous about trusting him because he has feelings for her and will never hurt her. The lyrics also ask her not to be so anxious that he would forget about her instead of looking for an alternative through which he could give her what she needs.

Rema tries to convince the lady that he loves her and is only looking for her. This could mean the girl should relax and not be so concerned about him. And the fact that Rema doesn’t want to “fall in love again” if she breaks up with him would mean he really, really loves her.

The thing is, Rema also tries to tell the lady not to get too excited because he will never forget about her- as long as she doesn’t break up with him. By telling her to not get excited, Rema is trying to caution her that he would never leave her if she broke up with him. This could hint that he really likes the girl and is unwilling to let something good go because of a petty thing or some other reason.

So while Rema may seem like a nice guy, he still has faults that could make the lady think twice before she goes ahead and trusts him. He also should understand that even though she loves him right now, thus making it hard for her to say no, things could change soon. If the lady doesn’t like Rema for some reason or meets someone more of her type, she would forsake him in a heartbeat.

Rema does an excellent job on his single “Calm down.” You could tell that the song was written and produced by him because it is so different from what you usually hear from Mavin these days.

20. Palazzo by DJ Spinall ft Asake

Asake is a good singer with a good voice. In Palazzo by DJ Spinall, Asake is not just using his voice to sing but he’s using it to tell the right story. He’s able to talk about hard things without being over the top and without being melodramatic, making his song appealing enough for listeners. It did not sound like a different genre of music because it still has the same elements that make Afro-pop music catchy and popular in its sounds.

In this track, we get to see Asake using his skills as a singer to tell different stories about different things too. The song is about how we sometimes find it difficult to say “no” to women who want something from us, even though we don’t want it because it might be too much for us in our personal lives. The song can be easily interpreted as meaning that in some relationships, people have a hard time saying no to sex or intimacy, and they often find themselves sacrificing their happiness and comfort levels to be likable by others.

But contrary to what Palazzo’s lyrics would make you think, it’s not just about sex; it’s about how we sometimes sacrifice our happiness or comfort levels for something else. This song is a reminder to everyone that even if there’s pressure from women who want something from us that we don’t want, we shouldn’t forget that it doesn’t matter how many times a person will do this for someone else, and it never matters in the long run anyways.

The song also reminds everyone that we should be able to say no if we don’t want to give it, but in some situations, we just can’t.

Palazzo by DJ Spinall ft Asake is a good song, and Asake does a great job singing it. It’s different for him, and it isn’t his usual style of music, but he still makes it sound good and keeps his fans interested in listening to him.


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