10 Must-Have Phone Accessories in Nigeria

Mobile phone accessories have become increasingly important as this is one of the components that gets to stick around with us daily.

Although replaced by a plethora of various devices, some gadgets accompany our smartphone usage for better and more durable functionality. The smart form has now become an all-in-one compact device that is capable of doing unimaginable multi-functional purposes, right from photography to simple arithmetic. Smartphones are so important that they play vital roles in different aspects of our lives.
However, certain accessories play an ideal role in making sure our smartphones stay intact.
Here are Ten phone accessories (Quite affordable) you should and must-have for the better functionality of your Smartphone;

1. Portable Bluetooth Speakers

Apart from hand-free phone calls, Bluetooth speakers can also be used as speakers for everyone to listen to. Have you ever been in a situation where you tried playing a song you’ve just downloaded, and your phone’s lousy flat tone seems embarrassing? Portable BP’s are perfect enough to produce enough tone-balanced sounds that can be soothing to the ears.
Portable Bluetooth would be very helpful in enhancing your Smartphone’s functionality in-ground style.
One of the most amazing things about portable Bt’s is that it is wireless. It can be carried all around conveniently without having to stress over dangling wires, connections, and long cords. All you need d is to activate your Bluetooth on the Smartphone, and you’re good to go!
There are hundreds of innovative features of portable Bluetooth, and you can always look up the one that suits your choice online or probably at the phone market. With the rechargeable Feature that could help the battery last for about 7 – 8 hours non-stop, certainly, you can always have a boredom-free day.

2. Power Banks

Typically, no matter how strong your smartphone battery may be, it’s one hundred percent certain that it will always run down. Due to the vast number of engagements and activities that can be done with the Smartphone, some people run their offices with their phones. In such situations, how would you continue with all you need to do once your phone shuts down?
The superfast processors and ultra-high-res screen advanced Features complicate the whole thing the more. The multitasking power this provides the smartphones consumes more power. Aside from the screen and advanced feature part, video streaming, playing games, and excessive camera engagement can reduce the battery life quickly.
A power bank is a retaining (Electric energy) device that can help boost your device whenever charging points aren’t accessible. Since you might need to recharge your phone from time to time, having a power bank is the best thing to do.
It comes in various sizes, so you can always get a portable one that would be easy to handle wherever you are. Succinctly, power banks are essential phone accessories that could play a very important role, even in times of emergencies.

3. Headphones

Listening to music in a lowkey tone may be the mood, and headphones are the best option to sort out. Blasting your favorite music when you’re randomly walking around the house or on a flight (where you might not be able to use your portable Bluetooth speakers!) with headphones could make the activity worthwhile.
Some advanced headphones enable the Bluetooth feature, and synchronizing your playlist can be a great option for music enthusiasts. With this easier way of satisfaction, you can watch videos, listen to music, listen to the radio, or attend to calls. Headphones are easy to use as they are capable of collecting noise data and can also cancel them. It has the capabilities of varied performances and other unique features that boost your listening choice. One of the basic advantages that comes with using the headphones is that it can be used when you’re driving.

4. Smartwatches

Smartwatches are very important, and you can agree to that too. Imagine the effort and time you could save by opening your big compact back to fish out your devices now and then. Designed to be worn around the wrist (whichever hand you’d prefer is your choice), it is one of the best devices that accompanies phone accessories. Rather than going through the stress of switching and sleeping on your phone from time to time, It may be worth checking your watch directly; at least, you get to conserve your phone’s battery.
One of the most amazing things about smartwatches is that they can be connected to your Smartphone. You can control a lot of activities just by clicking some specific options on your watch. It’s a lot easier and less stressful. You could even send text messages, answer calls, or even attend to emails if your phone isn’t with you (This only includes Android and IOS phones).

5. SmartPhone Cases and Covers

Casify made easy!, Smartphones are becoming expensive, and repairing them could cost more. Phone cases are essential in that they help conserve your money rather than spending on getting a new one immediately. At least your phone appearance would look better while you are on the lookout for fresh out of the box.
If your Smartphone isn’t covered, once it falls off, it could result in scratches and possibly ink splash or shattered screen display; that’s why covers and cases are important to keep your phones intact.
Smartphones are prone to drops that can result in minor scratches or even shattered displays.
Phone Cases and covers not only protect your Smartphone from physical damage but also provide easy grip and enhance durability.
However, the cases and covers you buy will be determined by the type of Smartphone you use, so you can head to Jumia and search for your specific device’s case.

6. Hands-free car kit

One of the best things to be on the lookout for is safety, especially while driving. Hands-free car kits are devices that allow a user to engage with the usage of their phones while driving. It has both a microphone and speaker that could be very useful in operating the device without handling it. Apart from the hands-free aspect of it, the kits come with power supply cable connectors and a smartphone cradle or holder. It is one of the most essential accessories to have alongside our smartphones, as this would save us the stress of having to deal with the Smartphone directly. It would help receive hands-free calls and messages, to prevent accidents and ensure more safety.

7. Screen Protectors

Screen protectors are equally one of the most important accessories to have alongside our smartphones. It should be used daily to prevent screen scratches and cracks. The screen guard or screen protector plays a key role in the safety precautions always to take. Since smartphones are of high cost lately, it is, therefore, a very important accessory to buy to prevent the phone from screen damage; apply a screen guard on your device display always so it can function to its maximum level.

8. Car Phone Holder

Aside from the 24/7 TikTok challenge video, you can compete by placing your phone at the corner edge of your dashboard; you can always rely on Google Maps for directions and navigation by watching hands-free communication while driving.
Not only would you be able to abide by the law in Nigeria that states, “It is unlawful to handle your phone while driving,” but it also brings convenience to you.
It can be used easily for various purposes while you are in front of your steering.

9. Selfie Sticks

One of the most amazing magic selfie sticks add to the photograph is that it gives a real virtual and unique enhancement to the functionality of the view. It’s rare to see anyone without it because many people prefer to save the stress of having to stretch their hands over severally to catch a glimpse of a scene or the absolute stress of not being able to capture the whole gang. Selfie sticks help videos and photographs extend the degree beyond the reach of the arm, thereby catching distances and angles that are not possible with the human arm itself.

10. Micro SD Cards

A lot of phones come with larger memories and space capacity that’s amazingly tremendous. However, micro SD cards will always be the best at storing data and transferring information. Aside from the fact that you can easily transfer data to it and have the same information in an instant on another device, it can also be kept even after you have lost your Smartphone. Micro SD Cards are essential to have around as one of the most important accessories accompanying the Smartphone. An SD card would be a perfect option for a user who stores data heavily when the internal storage capacity isn’t enough. It is very affordable and comes in variables of different capacities.

The list above of Must-Have Phone Accessories in Nigeria is based on what we figured should be an ideal accessory to enhance your indulgence and to enlighten you about all you need to get alongside your Smartphone. It may not be completely everything, but one is all you need for your desired smartphone purposes and function.


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